Fall is the time to FALL in Love with your SMILE!

Sep 19 • 1 minute read


FALL is the time to fall in love with your SMILE! 

It will soon be the season for treats, candy & the occasionally over-indulgence! Fall is a great time to take steps toward total oral health.

It’s a good idea to address your dental needs and take advantage of the end of the year dental benefits.  

Tip 1#. Make an appointment to discuss the root canal, dental braces, or whatever dental needs you are experiencing. In contrast, your teeth and gums may be healthy, but you might like to make some improvements. Teeth whitening is one example. The start of a new season is the perfect time for cosmetic dental work. The holidays are around the corner, and you want to look your best.

Tip 2#. For families with children, fall means a new school term. As everyone in your family may be busier than usual, dental care can be neglected. Parents and children alike should make home dental care a daily priority. One easy solution is to brush and floss with your kids before they go to school in the mornings, and again at bedtime.

Tip #3. A professional cleaning can significantly reduce your risk of oral health problems, and an examination will help your dentist see if there are any problems that require treatment.

These are some tips you can put into action before the holidays. You can have beautiful, healthy teeth, so your holiday fun is not spoiled by toothaches and other dental problems. You can maintain your healthy habits, even if everyone in your family is in a hurry every morning.

Dr. Brannon is accepting new patients and would love to answer any questions you or your family members may have.

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